Where sophistication meets romance 

You deserve enduring images and an exclusive experience based around what is important to you. Custom from the beginning and documented in a way that is artful, everlasting and expresses deep emotion, allowing you to remember how each moment felt.

Experience luxury wedding photography that creates sensational images with timeless storytelling in mind. Capturing each thoughtful detail and the sentimental moments you share with those you love most. 

Tailored & Luxury Wedding Photography

Having a love for art, texture, and European elegance has influenced how Alexis captures wedding days. Drawing inspiration from valuing the authenticity of your day to produce exceptional images that give you feelings of deep emotion and fashionable romance.

Alexis brings a soothing presence and devotion to your celebrations, allowing you to be fully present in each moment. Documenting the beauty of your day with a balance of editorial-inspired and natural moments to represent you as a couple.

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Documenting your most treasured moments.
A signature approach incorporating a balance of editorial and documentary moments to luxury wedding photography.

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A quick getaway to Charleston in the Summer. Bright colorful scenery and the romance of cobblestone streets!

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Charleston in Summer

Visit this engagement session on a charming evening at the beautiful venue at Meadowlark 1939.


Meadowlark 1939

Located directly in the heart of Atlanta or a bit further out rural areas, these locations are guaranteed to be stunning for your wedding celebration.


Luxury Venues in ATL