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ABOUT Alexis

Alexis is a global luxury wedding photographer. Her process is more than a loveless system where your wedding day and images are just another number... but rather an investment where you get a lifetime of return. With an empathetic nature, she is highly sensitive to emotions which is invaluable while documenting love stories. Having a strong sense of family and cherishing deeper connections she has a passion for capturing these moments on wedding days and keeping memories alive forever.

You can expect an approach that begins with a thoughtfully crafted experience to give you the attention your wedding deserves. Each celebration is impeccably captured in a romantic and documentary manner. From styling details to masterfully posing, Alexis brings an expert level of excellence, calm, and artistry to each wedding photographed.

Faith, family, and devotion is the foundation for creating imagery that captures your beauty as well as the authentic, sentimental junctures of the day. Each moment is approached with these values at the heart of the work created. Work that touches your soul and immerses you time and again into your story with a level of expertise, beauty, and storytelling that is exclusive to my perspective. 

Experience luxury wedding photography that creates sensational images with timeless storytelling in mind. Capturing each thoughtful detail and the sentimental moments you share with those you love most. 

My style is anchored in valuing romance alongside timeless images ensuring that you love your photos endlessly. Guiding you into a high-touch experience that artistically crafts your most cherished moments into memories for a lifetime of reflection.


Having a love for art, texture, and European elegance, I've brought that influence into how I capture wedding days. Through the years of photographing weddings, I've mastered the art of storytelling with a balance of editorial and photojournalism. Connecting with important details, creating a luxury experience for your wedding day while capturing invaluable moments you can repeatedly relive and focusing on your vision to create unique images. Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful and emotional images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of the people in the images and the world around them. 

Alexis Lunsford

The gift of family life has taught me so much, having my husband and daughter fills me with such gratitude.  

Valuing the importance of family, I know how essential it is to document the special moments shared with loved ones throughout your wedding celebrations. The posed moments and the unexpected moments in between, each will be memories that are dear to your heart.


Alexis devotes a measure of time to being the editor of The White Wren. A magazine and blog of authentic collection of organically inspired, timelessly elegant weddings. Through her work as an editor with a renowned publication, she has curated her eye for detail, editorial imagery, and storytelling prowess.  

Seeing the beauty of submissions firsthand has given her the opportunity to witness a broad view of photography and creativity within the industry. 

Alexis is editor of The White Wren

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

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Your story is art, it needs to live in your heart as well as on your walls. One of my founding values is that I greatly believe in displaying these sentimental moments in print and album form.

In documenting moments with authenticity.

Each wedding day is very different with moments that you will value in a way all on your own. We will document those moments in a way that authentic to you so you will never feel as though you received 'someone else's experience'.

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Our reputation proceeds us.

With reputation being of upmost importance, we only deliver the best of the best. Our life and business is based on a Christian foundation, sharing our gift of artistry with those who value moments captured with precision and thoughtfulness.

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