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Family Photo Outfits

Tips on how to choose the perfect Family photo outfits!

Atlanta wedding photographerFamily Photo Outfits Family Photo Outfits

I wanted to share a few tips from experience of how to pick the perfect Family photo outfits. I know you’re so excited about your portrait session & I am too! The biggest stress for most people is usually “WHAT DO I WEAR?”

So here’s 10 tips!

1. Think about your feet! You’re going to be walking around for a bit, so if you’re one to last 5 minutes with heels on, please don’t torture your feet for that long. You’ll really just end up being miserable, so just like the outfit choice, make sure your shoes are something you’re comfortable in. There’s definitely a lot of cute non-heel shoes out there. Another thing you can do is bring two pair of shoes, one dressy pair & one comfy pair, then we can switch them out through the session!

2. Consider the location. Be aware of what your surroundings are going to be and try not to clash (or match) If your portrait session is in a forest, you probably don’t want to wear green. But rather choose colors/style that compliments & supports!

3. Complement each other….Don’t match! Gone are the days where the whole family goes to the beach wearing white for their family portraits. Lol That also means matching each other for portrait pictures is a big no. Complimenting each other is the best way to go! Better yet if someone wears an accent color on a small part of their body and the other is wearing that accent color. Example, if you wear a light blue dress & your significant other wears a flannel dress shirt with that same color blue on it somewhere. Then put the kids in cohesive shades/colors it’s, a win! Wearing the same shade is also a great place to start.

4. Show your true colors and don’t be afraid to be bold! Colors render great on camera but if you prefer neutrals that is equally as good! I personally love neutrals. If a few of you are wearing a lot of color, consider a neutral for your significant other & other family members. Just remember to even it out, don’t have one person wearing a certain color then all the other members wearing another color. Blend everything in!

5. Dress the same scale. If your family is wearing formal clothes and you’re wearing jeans/tank top, then you’re going to look like you don’t go together! Dress at the same level.

6. Switch it up! If you want to go casual, why not bring a formal option too? I’m not a super formal type of person but I think it’s fun to dress up once in a while! Be sure to book EXTRA time to allow for outfit changing.

7. Dress for the weather and have a backup plan. If it’s a spring session but it’s possible that 40 degree weather may show up then have a backup for your outfits that is weather appropriate, no matter what season it is so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find replacement outfits if need be!

8. Don’t be afraid of patterns. I wouldn’t suggest multiple patterns but I really love shoots where one person wears a pattern and the other wears a solid, better yet if the solid color coordinates with a color in the pattern! However, if you’re wearing plaid, consider bigger plaid as it photographs a little easier than small plaid. That goes for any pattern, large patterns render better on camera than small patterns.

9. Don’t be afraid to dress it up with layers and jewelry! Scarves, multiple clothing layers, jewelry, hats, etc! They all can really liven up pictures and if you’re afraid of going too bold with colors maybe just add it in as an accent with a scarf- something you can take on and off! This also helps with the weather situation and if you have any insecurities they can cover them up. I personally don’t like my arms so I prefer outfits with loose flowy sleeves. So just think about things that compliment you!

10. Okay this is a BIG ONE! Be sure to wear things that flatter your body type! At this point in your life you probably know what those are! Think about the things you love when you see yourself in photos & choose clothing/items that accentuate that. Also take into consideration your insecurities like I mentioned above, I don’t love the way my arms look in shorter sleeves so knowing that I choose outfits that hide that insecurity for me(long, flowy sleeves) be sure to dress for you insecurities if possible! I definitely take this into account when I’m having my photos done so I can feel beautiful & love my photos not feeling like my insecurity is so noticeable. I’ve heard others complain about double chin, weight, etc so make sure you mention anything like that to me so we can try to pose in the most flattering way. Insecurities are sometimes touchy, trust me I know! But if you confide in me I can assist in helping you find the perfect portrait outfit & be considerate of what poses we do so you can look & feel flawless!

This bit of knowledge is something a lot of people aren’t aware of… photographers can’t fix everything with editing!! Unfortunately we aren’t magicians & some things can’t just be photoshopped. So we need to get it as close to perfect as possible while we’re taking the photos, this is very important for outfits. Make sure you love how your outfit or even makeup looks & feels so you’ll love it in the photos as well!


Bonus TIP: A few helpful things that you may want to bring along just in case you may need them are;

  • Comb/brush
  • Hairspray
  • Small mirror
  • Bobby Pins
  • Safely pins
  • Touchup cosmetics 
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks
  • Wipes


Things to do 1-2 days BEFORE your session date:
– Pack the extra things you’re taking neatly in bags & have ready to load in the vehicle (like the things above)
– Iron clothes & hang out of the way of mishaps
– Pack water & snacks!!
– Set reminder the day of the session to pack the car with the things listed above


The ultimate goal is to preserve beautiful, precious moments that you will have forever but I want to help you look your best while doing so & the only way to achieve that is by doing the correct prep work. I hope these tips will help prepare you for your portrait session! I am happy to give you feedback if you’re struggling to the perfect engagement outfit. Feel free to send me pictures, I’ll try to assist in any way I can.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration on family photo outfits!

Also a beautiful Atlanta Maternity Session if  you’d like to see more family portrait work!


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