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Office Organization for Photography

Recently I’ve been working on cleaning my desk area up & creating useful office organization for photography, I’ve developed a system that works but is still minimal & clean. I got this board idea from a fellow photographer, Shauna Veasey. She hand created hers but I got mine from Wayfair because my craft skills aren’t that elevated. LOL I use the board on the left for inspiration such as long term mood-boards & things I’d like to keep in front of me consistently, the middle board for organizing my upcoming weddings throughout the year which will contain the couple’s name, wedding date/location & the board on the right will be used to hang mood-boards of upcoming projects, scriptures & positive affirmations.

My wooden tray holds, pens, notebooks, my beautiful white sticky notes & miscellaneous items at times. While my white metal drawer acts as my lamp holder & also stores my hard drives & other small items to keep clutter down on my desk. This desk is spacious enough I still have room for my laptop & decoration! At this point I’m so pleased with how things are coming along, I need to print out the information for the rest of my weddings coming up in 2022 & also get two more acrylic holders for the bottom corner or my wedding organization board.

You can find links to these items at the bottom of this post, I hope you enjoy & find beautiful ways to organize you office space!

Office Organization for PhotographyOffice Organization for Photography Office Organization for Photography Office Organization for Photography Office Organization for Photography
Amazon Item List
Linen Wall Boards 23″x17″30″x20″
Tape for Boards
Acrylic Holders
Pearl Push Pins
Glass Vase
Sticky Labels
White Stick Notes
Wood Desktop Storage Unit
Desk organizer with pull out drawer from Target

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