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Wedding Inspiration Made Simple

Finding wedding inspiration is an important part of the beginning stages of wedding planning, it’s crucial that you have a vision for your day in order to bring it to life. Not only is it important that you find inspiration but also that you organize it in ways that will be useful for you & your wedding team, especially the photographer & planner. Developing a wedding vision can feel like an intimating process but it doesn’t have to be. With a few steps you’ll have a vision base to go off of & then the creativity will flow easier from there, also never be afraid to ask to brainstorm with friends or family. Your photographer & planner are two other amazing resources to draw inspiration from as well as chat out ideas or ask for advice. With us both being well involved into weddings yearly we see quite a bit come through & can offer valuable artistic insight. I actually offer to design a vision board for each of my wedding clients to help them achieve their largest wedding dreams & so that I can understand their vision for the day.

In this post you’ll find wedding inspiration made simple by a creation of  mine, a vision board template that can help you design your wedding vision as well as stay organized to remain close to this vision as you go through the planning process. Most couples will find this useful in the earlier stages of planning but with the organization portion you may find it helpful even if you’re further into the process. Below you’ll find instructions on how to properly utilize the vision board template as well as the download for the template.

Vision Board Instructions;

  1. Write down 3-5 words to describe the style of wedding you dream of. (words like; Glamorous, romantic, joyful, intimate, sophisticated, classic, bold, passionate, natural, documentary, elegant or anything else that comes to mind)
  2. List 3-5 staple colors you wish to have incorporated into your day. If you’re not sure of exact colors just yet list color categories (bold, bright, neutrals, warm, earth tones, etc)
  3. If you have a favorite celebrity wedding or wedding of a person that is notable to you list any that come to mind. This will help you draw bits of inspiration as your browse their celebration photos.
  4. Next its time to browse the internet or even wedding photos of whoever you listed above to start collecting photos for your mood-board. Be sure to save photos from different parts of a wedding day such as invitation suites, florals, bouquet designs, color palettes, locations, other details of the day such as gowns, shoes, bridal clutches, reception, etc. Take time to look over different areas of inspiration to find photos that really speak to you, this is going to be your wedding vision foundation. With that being said this vision does have to be concrete if you don’t want it to be, it can be a starting point for where your vision will then begin to further grow.
  5. Once you’ve completed all the steps above & saved photos that stood out to you we will then design your mood-board. Be sure you’ve downloaded a copy of my vision board, I designed it in Canva, a program that is very simple to use. Replace my photos in the vision board layout, add your colors to the boxes surrounding the photos(you can also add colors from the photos with the color sample tool), then add your descriptive words to help keep your vision on track. From here you can send this to your planner, photographer or even print it through Canva to have a beautiful representation of your wedding vision available to you daily.

Designing a vision board will help you begin planning your wedding style/look, maintain that look as you make decisions for your day & also help others to understand your vision which is extremely important so it can be created in the want you want it to be.  If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to help you get the most out of designing your wedding vision. There are many platforms in which you can find wedding inspiration but one that is a favorite of most of the couples I serve, is Pinterest. A vast platform full of visual inspiration of all styles at your fingertips, with the ability to save organize & even share every bit of inspiration you find. Here you can find one of the Pinterest boards I use with my work & other inspiration saved. After you’ve created your vision board I suggest then moving over to Pinterest to create boards there with more of your favorite things. You can create separate boards for each part of a wedding day for maximum organization, individual boards such as, Wedding Gown Inspiration, Floral Design/Bloom Inspiration, Bouquet Design Inspiration, Groom’s Suit Inspiration, Invitation Suite Inspiration, Reception Design, etc. Another source of inspiration I recommend is a stunning blog/magazine I’m apart of which is called The White Wren, with new features multiple times a week you’re sure to see stunning & creative inspiration you can take use towards your own celebration.

I hope this information has been helpful & that the beautiful wedding vision you design is brought to life in the best way possible!


Wedding Inspiration Made Simple

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