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NYC Engagement Session

Emma and Joey’s NYC Engagement session was nothing short of perfection. We started in the West side village not far from their home. With beautiful street-side vignettes on almost every corner we had no shortage of backdrops. Then we leisurely explored several blocks in the area as the city began to become more lively as the morning went on and decided to end their session next to the Husdon River. Having scouted the route on the previous day, I knew the perfect spots to visit to get romantic and beautiful images. Also capturing their personality, creating an experience and photos that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Be sure to read their proposal story, sweet and flawlessly planned it’s sure to bring a smile to your face! Without doubt, the town itself has such a charged atmosphere. The energy of New York is unmatched. Truly a city where everyone is chasing their dreams.

Read their proposal story here: “The week leading up to the proposal, I had mentioned to Joey about wanting to go to an exhibit at the Met. My friend had mentioned to me earlier (I didn’t know she was planting ideas in my head). He agreed and said we could go on Saturday. Since the weather would be nice and we could walk through Central Park. I didn’t think anything suspicious because we usually spent weekends walking around different parts of the city.

Saturday morning we went to our usual coffee shop and picked up bagels before heading up to Central Park. As we got off the train at the Natural History Museum stop, Joey suggested we find a bench in the Ramble (a more wooded/quiet part of Central Park) to eat before going into the Met. Because weather was nice and warm for November, there were more people in the park than usual. I was so focused on finding a good spot to sit I didn’t even notice Joey getting the ring out of his pocket. It wasn’t until he stopped and looked at me that I realized what was happening. He proposed in a quiet spot in the park and I was so surprised and happy I just cried immediately.

After I had gotten myself together, Joey said he’d already made brunch reservations at one of my favorite places nearby and that we were actually heading there before going back to the park to meet friends who live in the city to celebrate and that we should wait to call family until after all that. I agreed, and was honestly was still processing everything, so I didn’t think anything else would be happening. After brunch we headed back to the park to meet our friends. As we rounded the corner to head up the hill to meet our friends I realized that it was both our families from Georgia who had flown up to surprise with all our friends. Of course I started crying all over again before celebrating the rest of the afternoon with all my favorite people.”

Photographer: Alexis Lunsford
Engagement Ring: ZADOK Jewelers

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